Price List 
Icon30 USD
Half Body50 USD
Knee Up60 USD
Full Body90 USD
Additional Details 
+ simple background20 USD
+ detailed background30 USD
+ pet/plushie15 USD
+ additional character+ 50% the price
complex armor/designto be discussed

Price List 
Icon / Bust25 USD
Half Body35 USD
Knee Up40 USD
Full Body50 USD

⚠️ additional fee for very complex designs
⚠️ no or flat colored bg only
⭕️ fee for custom design to be discussed

Package 1

120 USD

  • Full body

  • 3 icon expressions/angle of choice

Package 2

130 USD

  • Full body Front

  • Full body Back

Package 3

175 USD

  • Full body Front

  • Full body Back

  • 3 icon expressions/angle of choice

  • Color palette

  • Design details

Custom Character/
Reference sheet

125+ USD

  • Custom design

  • can choose what's on the sheet

  • can include alt outfit/ half body/ additional character

  • add sketch details


175 USD

note: additional fee for complex designs


  • OC

  • Vtuber

  • Fanart

  • Light nsfw

  • Couple

  • group

  • Armor


  • Couple nsfw

  • Other artstyles

More Info

  • Turnaround time 3-4 weeks

  • Please let me know if you need it in a specific date!

  • Payment are through Paypal invoice, we accept payment plans.

  • Feel free to dm me in twitter if you have some questions or is interested!